Aim of ETSWind/OWCL project

ETSWind/OWCL is a project framed on current european research fields set on the European Industrial Initiatives (EII), and in particular on the wind energy sector, European Wind Initiative (EWI).

The main objectives are the following:

  • Keep European technological leadership on wind energy, both onshore and offshore.
  • Make the onshore wind energy the most competitive energy source by 2020, followed by offshore on 2030.
  • Make wind energy capable of providing at least 20% of Europe’s electricity by 2020, increasing these percentages up to 33% on 2030 and 50% by 2050.

One of the key issues on the SRA (Strategic Research Agenda) of the platform created within the EWI, the so-called TPWind (Wind Energy Technology Platform), is the one related with Wind Conditions. The main goal is to develop more efficient methodologies to identify those regions rich on wind potential but poorly exploited. Moreover, this platform proposes a long term general objective named “3% vision”, whose main purpose is to reduce uncertainties down to 3% on the fields related to wind resource estimation, wind conditions and short term wind and energy forecasting schemes.
In order to accomplish the main objectives, the platform TPWind is in charge of identifying and prioritizing areas of growing innovation as well as new and existing areas for research and development. These three main goals, which are based on the use of two very important tools for R&D such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and remote sensing devices (LIDAR and SODAR), are supported on six supplementary research topics:

  • Siting of wind turbines in complex terrain and forested areas.
  • Offshore meteorology.
  • Wakes in and between wind farms.
  • Extreme wind speeds.
  • Wind profiles at heights greater than 100m and use of remote sensing techniques.
  • Short term forecasting.

The driving force of this Project is based on the potential improvements detected on each one of six supplementary research topics. 
The three results obtained under the ETSWind/OWCL project are:

  • Service of wind speed and direction reconstruction and long term analysis.
  • Furow software.
  • Service of Wind and energy production forecasting.

The project has been financed by the CDTI and cofinanced by the European Fund for the regional development ERDF.