Furow features

Furow is the most complete wind software in the market.

Furow´s interface has been designed following two guidelines:

  • The logical steps that any wind farm project will take.
  • Measnet guidelines to develop the most optimal wind resource assessment. The aim of these guidelines is to minimize the error produced during the wind resource assessment

There are many options to edit and show data, perform graphic representations and analyse maps. Also, there is a module which allows to derive new variables to be analysed. In that way, and depending on the ability of the engineer, this software can get much more information than the one obtained through the measurement devices or the long term data downloaded.

Therefore, Furow is a software prepared to offer as much knowledge as the user can need, think and obtain for its analysis.

It is the most complete wind software of the market covering the three main modules of the wind software industry:

  1. Wind data analysis and representation: once you have loaded wind data from any device or source, this module allows performing all kinds of analysis needed to know the behaviour of the wind in one or several points, depending on the number of masts, devices or wind sources loaded by the user.
  2. Wind resource: within this module the user can obtain different wind maps, at different heights at the same time, with much more information than the current wind softwares in the market.
  3. Micrositing: all the available information analyzed in previous modules and edition of the areas seleceted serve this module to get the most efficient wind farm.