Furow's origin

As any private company, Solute has been evolving since its foundation. As many other SMEs companies, it has gone through very difficult years and, thanks to the quality of the engineering provided by the staff, Solute has been growing each year.  Four years ago Solute was in a situation where innovation was the answer to become a reference in the industry and not only one more services provider for the market. 

Knowledge and experience acquired along the years permitted Solute began to create their own R&D&i projects. Some of them were to develop internal tools to improve the efficiency of the tasks performed by the staff. The most important project was built around the wind energy knowledge area and we required finance help to develop it. The project was called ETSWIND and was the origin of Furow. 

Solute´s ambition didn’t stop and it began a research to look for European R&D&i projects. There were two different objectives, to become part of the European R&D&i, increasing our competitiveness working with other innovative companies and R&D centers in Europe, and extend our commercial relationships with possible future partners and potential clients. Thanks to this orientation Solute is currently taking part in three projects involving all the different areas of knowledge of Solute. 

The innovative culture installed in Solute allows to the staff to present their ideas to the responsible of the different areas of knowledge of Solute. If the responsible agrees that it is an idea with enough potential, there is an internal process that involves the technical and commercial staff to strength the idea and compose a project able to be presented to the different R&D national or European programs and get commercial objectives after being developed. This is the way how Solute is trying to be at the forefront of the innovation in their fields of activities.