Main competitive advantages of the software

An unique software that allows performing full analysis and calculations required in the promotion and development of wind farms.

Our software allows data loading, data analysis, generation of new data from the original data, wind resource assessment and micrositing. This implies a great efficiency and allows to have a perfect traceability, without the need of changing the software, in the same project. Besides, if the user wants to perform any analysis in other different software, Furow is perfectly prepared both to import and export in the formats required by the rest of the software of the market.

High speed of operation, calculation and management of big amount of data

Increasingly the site analysis requires a more intensive variable analysis. The speed and the direction are not the only variables influencing the atmospheric behavior of one site. The study of other variables such as the air density, thermal stratification and the modification of the vertical wind profile with the height are currently needed for the right wind resource assessment. This software is ready to operate with huge amount of data in a short period of time increasing, again, the efficiency in the required analysis as well as the knowledge of one site.

Adjustment of the vertical wind profile

The advances of the wind technology, with the aim of a better use of the wind, are making the wind turbines larger and therefore higher. This requires a good knowledge of the vertical wind profile. The software allows to perform four different fittings of the vertical wind profile with the height. In addition to these four options, it has been implemented a “best fit” option which allows, with wind measurements at several heights, to test, from the wind measurements of the lower heights of the tower, which of the four fittings performs with a lower error in the higher height measured, thus using the selected fitting to extrapolate the profile to the height wanted and minimizing the estimated error.

Wind map calculation in multiple heights.

The wind resource assessment in several heights can be performed. Therefore, it is not necessary to create different grids to know the behaviour of the wind in different heights. It gives a great agility to the user for the checking the power generation of a wind farm with wind turbines of different hub heights depending on the wind resource assessment of each layer of the atmosphere.

Atmospheric stability calculation

The influence of the thermal stability has a direct influence over the wind profile. The software assess the thermal stability through the Richardson number and the Monin-Obukhov length, which it is later used in the wind resource assessment of the site.

Multiple masts MCP calculation

Furow is the most complete wind software in the market for this kind of analysis. It allows filling gaps in measurements and extend them for a period of time, using several sources of data with different time lengths or time steps.

Wind resource calculation with several masts

Wind resource maps can be calculated now using the information of several CLIMA objects at different positions and heights. This allows correcting the wind speed and turbulence horizontal distribution across the whole site.