Product engineering

The capabilities of Solute in the structural and mechanical fields allow the company to give these services in several industries. Thanks to this expertise some solutions, coming from projects of other industries, have been applied to wind projects.
Mechanical and structural engineering Loads, dynamic and control engineering Civil engineering
Mechanical and structural engineering Loads dynamic and control engineering Civil engineering
  • Design, calculation and certification of full wind turbines.
  • Design and calculation of blades.
  • Design and structural analysis of mechanical components of wind turbines: hubs, pitch systems, yaw systems, other structures.
  • Design and calculation of towers: full concrete, steel and hybrids.
  • Design and calculation of transitional structures in towers between concrete and steel.
  • Calculation and analysis of aerodynamic loads following international standards as well as conditions site: extreme, fatigue and seismic.
  • Loads certification process for design of wind turbines.
  • Assessment and assistance for the adjustment of control strategies.
  • Design and characterization of controllers.
  • Design and calculation of foundations.
  • Offshore structures calculation.
  • Civil design of wind farms.

Mechanical and structural engineering

Mechanical and structural engineering Since its beginnings, Solute has provided services for product development taking part of analaysis and calculation needed to know the structural or mechanical behaviour supported by a mechanism or a piece. The aim is to provide useful information to the customer acting as consultant from the initial design up to an optimum point that ensures the right work or structural integrity of the piece or mechanism along its useful life. These services applied to the wind industry have permitted Solute to have an extensive knowledge of all the parts and mechanisms that compose a wind turbine getting to develop full wind turbines and preparing them for its certification.

Loads dynamic and control engineering

Loads dynamic and control engineering Solute´s services in this area continue growing and specializing due to the intensive R&D&i of the company. The knowledge of how wind turbines work, regarding the conditions faced along its cycle of life, have made Solute to develop new capabilities in control engineering. The capabilities in this field are required to improve the efficiency of the wind turbines behaviour, establishing different control strategies to make the machines behave in one way or another depending on the conditions of a specific moment.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering The experience acquired in the structural calculation field has permitted Solute to provide services for offshore structures since years ago. The natural development has made this knowledge to be applied to offshore wind turbine structures or platforms. 

On the other side, Solute´s engineers have performed design and calculations of foundations for different wind turbines, terrain conditions and, finally, customers. Besides, in specific projects, with the design and calculation of the foundations, it has been required the design of the wind farm including the ways, site of the electric substation and all the draws and sketches linked to the wind farm.