Wind engineering

The capabilities of the company give Solute a deep knowledge of the wind engineering.

The industry in which Solute has developed more capabilities along its history is the wind industry. It comes from a strategical decision taken by the company in its early days with the aim of being one of the best wind engineering consulting worldwide.

Currently, Solute covers two of the areas with more impact in the lifecycle of a wind farm:

  • Product engineering, having participated in the development of wind turbines of any kind of power (2kW – 10 MW), site (onshore-offshore) or axis (vertical-horizontal).
  • Engineering of promotion and development of wind farms, carrying out all kind of measurement campaign, time series reconstruction and long term, metocean analysis and wind resource assessment and micrositing. In addition, Solute has developed its own commercial software for the meteorological data analysis, wind resource assessment and micrositing.

Solute is currently one of the most competitive wind engineering consulting companies worldwide, being able to provide a global service with the highest quality demanded by the market for any kind of wind project thanks to the cognizance acquired and developed in the wind areas of knowledge of the company.