Wind farm engineering

Since the prefeasibility of a geographic area up to the forecasting of working wind farms, Solute offers a wide range of services allowing the client to decide the specific services he needs depending on the difficulty of the project where it is involved.
Prefeasibility of wind farms Wind measurements campaign Time series reconstruction and long term Metocean analysis, wind resource assessment, and micrositing Wind and energy forecasting
Prefeasibility of wind farms Measurement campaigns Time series reconstruction and long term Wind resource assessment (onshore) Wind and energy forecasting
  • Mesoscale analysis.
  • Sites inspection.
  • Site selection for the installation of meteorological masts and measurement devices of meteorological data.
  • Selection of sites to install meteorogical mast or SODAR.
  • Selection of measurement devices for meteorological masts.
  • Intallation and maintenance of meteorological masts.
  • Installation and maintenance of SODAR.
  • Data collection.
  • Reconstruction of wind speed and direction for the last 30 years.
  • Reconstruction with a ten minutes time step.
  • Reconstruction of power output of a wind turbine.
  • No meso-scale analysis is needed.
  • Full metocean analysis: waves, currents, tides and wind.
  • Full meteorological studies.
  • Full wind studies maps: wind, turbulence instensity, atmospheric, extreme wind.
  • Analysis of wake models and estimation of energy production.
  • Uncertainty analysis.
  • Site compliance.
  • Wind farm power curve estimation.
  • Site distorsion.
  • Wind and direction forecasting.
  • Wind turbine and wind farms power curve forecasting.
  • Several meteorological variables forecasting as:
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Density

Prefeasibility of wind farms

Prefeasibility of wind farmsThe first phase in promotion of wind farms consists in the study of the general conditions of several sites inside an established area where it is estimated there could be the conditions required to approach a wind farm project. In this first phase, the engineers of Solute perform mesoscale analysis, study the available maps of the area as well as inspect the ground in order to select the most suitable site to install meteorological masts and the devices required to perform a meteorological measurement campaign and, specially, wind campaign.

In this phase, sites without the conditions required to build wind farms are rejected.

Measurement campaigns

Measurement campaignsOnce selected the suitable site to install the measurements devices of wind resource and meteorological data, the most appropiate instrumentation for each campaign is selected for its installation. Solute has performed many installations not only of meteorological masts but also SODAR devices wolrdwide. The aim is to adapt to the needs and requirements of each project and customer. Once the installation is finished, it begins the measurement campaign where Solute handles the right work of the instrumentation and devices to measure atmospheric data and ensure the quality of the data to be analyzed.

The collection of the data, its inspection and treatment are essential when performing a wind resource assessment efficiently. Solute has performed wind measurement campaign both in countryside and urban areas.

Time series reconstruction and long term

Time series reconstruction and long termThe best sites to build wind farms are already selected. Therefore, it is required deeper and detailed analysis by the investors and promoters to ensure the economic viability of wind farms where, initially, wind conditions are not as favourable as in other sites. This service is based in an in-house methodology that rebuild, with a ten minutes step frequency, speed and direction of the wind in a point until 1979. The long term trends are assessed to know the interanual variability of the weather. Our customers use this service to take decisions of investment in wind farm projects.

Metocean analysis, wind resource assessment, and micrositing

Wind resource assessment (onshore)

Metocean analysis (offshore)

Metocean analysis (Offshore)

  • Full metocean studies of waves, currents and tides.
  • Obtaining the distributions of combined probability Hs/ Tp/ Wind by sector and bin of speed.
  • Spectral analysis.
  • Obtaining the extreme values of Hs/ Tp pfor different precurrence periods.
  • Combined directional analysis of wind and waves.

Wind resource assessment (Onshore)

  • Full meteorological studies.
  • Energetic estimation of a location as well as the evaluation of their energetic losses.
  • Wind power curve estimation of a wind farm.
  • Wind temporal series reconstruction.
  • Wind and energy production forecasting in the short and medium term for O&M.


When carrying out correctly this service, is important to have knowledge of the international standards on wind turbines, as well as the performance of environmental analysis needed to get the viability of the wind farm and, finally, having experience in the design of the civil engineering for the correct operability. Therefore, the services that Solute give in this area are:

  • Calculation of the specific wind parameters in wind turbines for a specific location.
  • Define class and subclass of wind turbines following the standard IEC 61400-1.
  • Full studies of micrositing or wind farm design, to place the wind turbines in a way that optimize the exploitation of the wind resource in an area.
  • Analysis of environmental restrictions: noise, shadows, visual impact,…
  • Wind farm design: general plans, design of the internal paths, draw systems, control buildings and substation.
  • Design and calculation of foundations.

Wind and energy forecasting

Wind and energy forecasting Solute has performed its own inhouse forecasting methodology of meteorological variables. This service permits to predict wind direction and speed as well as variables as temperature, pressure and density. With all this information the model is able to forecast wind power curve of each wind turbine of a wind farm for a specific moment and, therefore, of the full wind farm.